About us

Our Beginnings

XN-Teq was established in 2002. We started out selling anti-corrosion paints, however by 2009, we were presenting blasting and coating solutions to our clients. Within two years’ time, XN-Teq started presenting high-profile companies with industrial and marine solutions such as outdoor steel protection coatings and dust blasting services. 

XN-Teq Today

Nowadays, XN-Teq provides comprehensive repair, maintenance and effective anti-corrosion solutions to industry, primarily customers in the maritime, water treatment, petrochemical, and power generation sectors. It utilises skilled engineering techniques, backed up by solid technical expertise, to provide advanced corrosion prevention services based on the application of a range of high-technology coatings and composites. The anti-corrosion services provided by XN-Teq are based on a detailed survey and assessment of the cause and extent of the original problem, coupled with the application of durable, high performance, non-metallic coatings, developed specifically to withstand the rigours of severe operating environments.

Expert Solutions

For cost-effective turnkey solutions, the company works in partnership with selected service providers, as dictated by the required field of specialisation, who operate under the direction and strict quality standards of XN-Teq.

Stellar Resources

Providing true anti-corrosion solutions is a complex task, requiring not only manpower and resources but also a thorough understanding of the corrosion process itself, the technology available to combat it and its effective application.

To provide the highest possible level of service, Xn-Teq has joined forces with Corrocoat, one of the world’s leading anti-corrosion specialists. With this pool of resources, expertise and technology Xn-Teq can provide you with a total long-term solution to all corrosion problems.