Specialised Domestic Solutions 

Blasting & Galvanising

We offer a range of services designed to restore steel and metal structures. Through this service, you can bring stair balustrades, windows, doors and other structures around the house back to their original form and function.

After metal or steel structures are blasted and galvanised, they are coated in accordance with our clients’ needs. One can choose the coating thickness depending on a range of factors.

  • Blast

  • Galvanise

  • Coat

Blasting Services 

Our blasting solutions are suitable for several different surfaces and materials. We can present you with a consultation for the best-suited form of blasting for your home.


Through this process, you can remove paint, rust and oxidised parts from materials in a quick and efficient manner


The perfect application to remove grease, dirt and stains from a range of surfaces, including stone, granite, glass, wood, sheet metal and steel

Dustless Blasting

This process is carried out by mixing water and abrasive materials together to avoid creating a plume of dust when blast-cleaning surfaces

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Home Solutions 



We offer galvanising services on a range of metal structures in the home, such as apertures and railings.



We offer spraying services for anyone who is looking for a specific colour on metal balconies or rails.



Our priming solutions are designed to prepare metals for pre-paint treatment and added elemental protection.


Metal Restoration

We restore metal structures to their former glory thanks to our extensive restoration services.


Paint Removal

We can remove paint from walls thanks to our non-abrasive soda and dust-free blasting services.



Our in-house blacksmith can create a range of metal structures such as security grills and stair railings.

Metal Restoration 

Our team of experts are trained to present several metals with a complete restoration, along with maintenance solutions. We have taken on numerous projects over the years and work using products manufactured by Corrocoat. 

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